ST1 – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Paradigms for Next-Generation Wireless Networks  

Dr. Mounir Arioua, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco
Dr. Mohamed Lazaar, Mohammed V University, Morocco

ST2 – Big Data Visualization: Methods and Design
Dr. Anass El Haddadi, ENSA Al-Hoceima, Morocco
Dr. Davy Monticolo, University of Lorraine, France

ST3 – Collective Intelligence Trends and Applications  
Dr. Habiba Drias, USTHB, Algeria
Dr. Abdellatif El-Afia, ENSIAS, Morocco

ST4 – Learning, optimization and hybrid approaches applied to software engineering  
Dr. Aurora Ramírez, University of Córdoba, Spain
Dr. Pedro Delgado, University of Cádiz, Spain
Dr. Aitor Arrieta, University of Mondragón, Spain

ST5 – Decision improvement in Healthcare Supply Chain by using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Dr .Ouzayd Fatima, UM5-RABAT, Morocco
Dr. Ech-Cheikh Hamid, ISEM, Casablanca, Morocco
Dr. Retmi Kawtar, UM6P BENGURIR, Morocco

ST6 – Semantic Technology Applications in Current Society
Dr. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez-García, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Dr. Francisco García-Sánchez, University of Murcia, Spain

ST7 – Arabic natural language processing (ANLP)
Dr. Mohamed El Hannach, Fez University, Morocco, & International agency for NLP

ST8 – Neural Network: Improvement and applications
Dr. Mohamed Ettaouil, FST, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco
Dr. Yasser El Madani, ENSIAS, Morocco